Live Folk Music Sessions
The best way to support our Folk Music cause is to invite or create opportunities for the Kutch Folk Musicians to perform at cultural events, Sufi and Folk Music festivals.



Kutch Folk Music is full of tales and legends. We would love to sing Folk songs in front of your school audience and share the stories behind it. And even provide hands-on workshop to the students to try their hand on Kutch Folk Music Instruments.

Since the organization is run and managed by people from various Kutch Folk Music communities with no formal background in education , we are looking to partner with students and researchers who can take on the projects of Social Media, Archiving & Documentation projects, and Audio-Visual library projects.

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Or just experience the culture of Kutch. From Lakhpat to Dholavira, you can visit the Folk musicians and Folk art craftsmen to not only experience music and poetry of Kutch but also see the crafts specialized in the villages and even taste the local cuisine.

Plan a Visit
Call or email to schedule a visit or to know more about our work and share any ideas you may have.